Spring 2020 Research Interns

Kelsey Traffis is a History major with a minor in Dance.

“History can is the most interesting subject to research because there are so many individual stories that make up a general understanding of certain time in history. I hope to see how each story in history is important to that broad understanding.”

Anna Stafford earned an Associate of Arts degree from Hutchinson Community College in 2018 and is now a senior History major.

“I wanted to participate in this internship because I have a great interest in archival work and research. I also want to learn more about the history of KU in order to share it with my peers and provide them with a better understanding of their school’s history. I am very excited to broaden my research experience, as well as make personal and academic connections that may aid me in my future endeavors as a professional historian.”

Spohia Southard is History Major with minor in Chinese.

“I am mostly interested in studying Vietnamese and Chinese history. However, as a student worker at Spencer Library, I had the opportunity to research the historical connections between African Americans and Vietnamese in the 1970s, delving into a time of history previously unknown to me. Since I enjoy working at Spencer so much, I saw this internship as a way to continue spending time at my favorite library on campus. ”

Kamman Simmons is a sophomore History major from Emporia, Kansas.

“I love the way history exists all around us. By participating in this research project I hope to gain a pool of knowledge about KU and Lawrence that will give me practical skills in research and deepen my appreciation for the community. Normally my interest in history is in international subjects, so I’m also looking forward to a subject that is, literally, close to home.”

Pearson Prael is a History major, from a long line of history majors.

“I have a passion for research because I am very interested in making history appealing and easily accessible to anyone and everyone. I am interested in pursuing a career in museum curating so I can become a part of educating my community. “

Austin Armstrong is majoring in History and Economics, minoring in Russian.

I decided to join this project as an intern because of my love for KU and archival research. For the past 150 years, Lawrence has been a unique microcosm of the ongoing discussions about the American experience. KU has attracted diverse people and ideas over time to this experience, making the stories of its Jayhawks worth sharing. 

In addition, two departmental interns will be working at the Wyandotte County Historical Museum:

Katie Price is a History major.

Brenna Hobbs is a History major