Fall 2019 Research Interns

Michael Antonelli is a senior History and Chemistry double-major.

“I am currently researching the life and works of prolific historians who taught at The University of Kansas such as Professor James C. Malin. Through my research, I seek to draw awareness to the achievements of these individuals, in turn preserving their roles in the development of KU’s history department.”

Carrie Barr earned an Associate of Arts degree from Johnson County Community College and is currently majoring in History and Anthropology.

“I decided to do this research internship because I have always loved doing research and learning new things and figured this was a good way to start doing it in a more professional setting.”

Tiana Chin is a senior History Major at KU.

“My major interest is in Japanese history, however I also enjoy looking into Asian-American history and issues as well. I wanted to do this project to get hands-on experience working directly with archival documents, as well as learn about KU’s approach on real world issues in the past.”

Myah Cobberly is a senior History major, Political Science minor.

“I chose to be a historical research intern this semester because I am genuinely fascinated by American culture. This program seemed like the best and most interesting way to learn more about my own University and its place within cultural history. Along with helping develop skills that I intended to use during both my academic and professional life, the program is providing me with useful connections and help me prepare for my future as a historian.”

Alex Fisher is a History major. Among other things.

“I wanted to intern because I plan on continuing my education in graduate school as a historian and thought this was a great opportunity to learn skills that would help me in my continuing education. I also was very excited to get to learn about KU in its early years as it provides a look into the minds of historians in the 19th century, as well as what was considered the official history of the world. “

Keegun Gose is majoring in History, minoring in Education.

Enthralled with the socio-political history of modern America, I am always looking into the past to explain contemporary issues.  This history internship provided me with a way to pursue answers to my many questions.  Furthermore, becoming familiar with the archival research process continues to improve my skills as a researcher and writer, both of which are necessary in almost all aspects of my future professional life.

Julia Henry is a History major and Geography minor at KU.

” I have an interest in this project because I wanted to get experience in doing original research and finding ways to make that research easily accessible to people throughout the University.”